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MEANING OF M O T H E R: M:”M Y M O M” O:”O B L I G E” T:”T E R R I F I C” H:”H O N E S T” E:”E X C E L L E N T” R:”R E S P O N S I B L E”.
You are a DOG… Dont understand Dog Means. D=Don O=Of G=Girls Now You are Smiling. You Naughty DOG.
L ===== O ===== V ===== E ===== L=loss of money. o=out of mind. v=waste of time. e=end of life. So don’t LOVE.
SORRY Oh don’t be confused, SORRY means S: Some O: One is R: Really R: Remembering Y: You.
F..R..I..E..N..D *Field of love* *Root of joy* *Island of God* *End of sorrows* *Name of hope* *Door of understanding*
What is tha true meaning of ‘Study’ ??? . . . . . . . . . S. Sleeping T. Talking U. Unlimited D. Dreaming Y. Yawning.
Meaning of smart S:”Still” M:”Mad” A:”Always” R:”Responsible” T:”Teasing”...
Meaning of Father:- F= Forever With His Family A= Always There For You No Matter What T= The Only One Who’s There H= He’s My Hero Till The End E= Encouraging In Everything I Do R= Really The Only One… No One Can Beat Him He’s The Best!!!
“PAINS” Positive Approach In Negative Situation. With these PAINS one can surely win and gain in this life…
When U miss me just say: C.L.I.C.K C=Can’t live without u. L=Love U. I=I miss U. C=Care About U. K=Kiss from my Heart to u So, When U miss me just say:- (CLICK)
G: God O: Offers us His O: Outstanding D: Devotion 2 M: Make us O: Obedient & R: Ready 4 a N: New day 2 I: Initiate N: New Aim 4 d G: Glory of God GOOD MORNING.....
Meaning of Love L: Life O: Opinion V: Vision E: End of life....
It’s My Last Msg To U. LAST bole tu.. L= Love U alwz A= All time miss U S= Save U in my heart, T= True friend in my life. So Don’t Wory n B Happy!......
BLESSING Means: B- Begin you day with. L- Love in your heart. E- Expect blessings. S- Share goodness. S- Shine like the sun. I- Inspire some one. N- Never forgot that. G- God is with you all time.
Beautiful But Stupid B.COM Basically Confidence of Mohabat(love) B.B.A Beauty Broad & Active L.L.B Love 4 Leagal Boy P.H.D Perfect Healthy Dream girl...
Do you know what does “HELLO” mean?? HELLO stands for H: How are you? E: Everything is fine? L: Like to hear from you. L: Love to see you soon. O: Obviously, I miss you
Hi… BITCH You will not mind it if you know what I mean from “BITCH” it means B: Beautiful I: Intelligent T: Talented C: Cute H: Hilarious I know you are smiling now..
H- appy Feelings U- niversall Y warm and fuzzy G- reaT to give and to receive S- ure to Make Anyone’S day I hope this “HUG” Makes your Day Brighter....
S: Sets u free, M: Makes u special, I: Increases ur face value, L: Lifts up ur spirits, E: Erases all ur tensions, So, please keep smiling....
MISSED CALL Means - “M”Ost “I”Nnovative “S”Tylish “S”Till “E”Ffecti Ve “D”Evice “C”Onveying “A”s “L”Ove & “L”Oneliness..
D-Dear A-Always R-Remember L-Love I-Is N-Not G-Game.
Live With The 3 E’s . . . | Energy | | Enthusiasm | | Empathy | And The 3 F’s . . . | Faith | | Family | | Friends | Then U Will Feel Life In Ur Life.
Do U know the full form of COLLEGE C-Come O-On L-Lets L-Love E-Each G-Girl E-Equally That’s why Boys go to college regularly.
SHUT UP - - - - - S = Surprises 4 U H = Happiness 4 U U = Unlimited Love 4 U T = True Passion 4 U U = U r Always In My Mind P = Praying 4 U So Again? SHUT UP
Do u know what bhai stands for BHAI B.. Best H.. Husband A.. Among I.. Ideals So be the bhai of every girl.
Education Is Incomplete Without 5 B’s B – Bikes. B – Beers. B – Babes. B – Bunks And The Most Important. B – Backlogs.
T-here’s richness in a love for life H-ere among the valentines, A-king and queen as man and wife: N-ot leaning towards what lust inclines; K-nowing well the needs of state. Y-on regal grace alone attends, O-n which the peace, both small and great, U-ndone by doubt, alone depends...
These are some of the romantic countries in the world HOLLAND “Hope Our Love Lasts And Never Dies” ITALY “I Trust And Love You” LIBYA “Love Is Beautiful You Also”
Husband asks: Do you know the meaning of WIFE? It means? Without Information, Fighting Every time! WIFE says: No darling, It means :- With Idiot For Ever
ISLAM stands for: I = I S = Should L = Love A = Always M = Muhammad (S.A.W)
The Full Form of Chocolate Brand: KITKAT: Kiss in Time, Kiss at Time. PERK: Perfect Emotional Romantic Kiss. MUNCH: Meet Urgently Now for a Charming Hug! So Think before giving chocolate to any one.
H-Happiness of life. O-Ocean of color L-Language of love I-Integration with one another. Wishing u and ur family “Happy colorful n safe HOLI”
Few Relations In Earth Never Die. Want To Know What Is It? Read Again |F| Few. |R| Relations. |I| In. |E| Earth. |N| Never. |D| Die.

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