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RUMORS are carried by HATERS, spread by FOOLS and accepted by IDIOTS.
Itís a lot easier to admit you are mad than admit you are hurt.
Saying nevermind when youíre just too lazy to re-explain the whole story.
Laying in bed, remembering a conversation in your head, and imagining what you shouldíve said instead.
When I like someone, I compare their last name with my first name.
Itís hard to grow up in a world where you never feel like youíre pretty enough.
Why canít life be as simple writing down on a paper ďI like youĒ or ďI love youĒ?
I wish school was as easy as half the girls in it.
Teacher: Would you like to share that with the class? Me: Obviously not, thatís why I whispered it.
I donít hate schooI. I just hate the teachers, the homework, the exams and waking up early in the morning.
Weíve all got that one friend who eats twice as much as you do, but never seems to gain any weight.
Just because you say ďNo offenseĒ doesnít make your statement any less offensive.
I love doing my laundry and finding money that I didnít even know I had.
I hate it when a shower only has two options Ė 3rd degree burns or skinny dipping in Antarctica.
Hearing something that kills you inside and having to act like you donít care.
That moment of pure disgust when you stick your hand under your desk and you touch someone elseís old gum.
Sitting in the cinema, ready to watch the movie, then only to have a human giraffe sitting in front of you.
I love asking kids what they want to be when they grow up because Iím still looking for ideas.
Taking forever to pick up a phone call because youíre dancing to your ring tone.
My mirror and my camera have two completely different ideas of what I look like.
Hearing something that absolutely kills you inside and having to act like youíre fine.
What happens in Vegas never happens to me.
Talking about how annoying the kids in the grade below you are, but convincing yourself you never acted like that last year.
The worst feeling ever is feelings like you missed your chance.
When people ask dumb questions, I feel obligated to give sarcastic answers.
I donít trust easily, so when I tell you I trust you, please donít make me regret it.
If an object is more than five feet away, it becomes unnecessary.
When someone says ďno offense,Ē I automatically start to get offended.
Itís so much easier to just say ďI donít like him,Ē than to have to explain all the reasons I still do.
Sometimes, just when I think I know people, they disappoint me in ways I never thought they could.
I donít care if Iím tired, staying up late texting you is better than sleeping.
If you canít handle the truth, donít ask me to be honest.
The only thing preventing me from smashing my alarm clock at 6am is the fact that itís my cellphone.

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