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They look at me as an individual player. What am I doing on a run play Am I blocking for the running back What am I doing at safety Am I just jogging up to the play
I just want to keep working hard and doing what the trainers tell me to do to get better. I did some jogging and felt pretty good
He's probably going to be able to start jogging next week. I think he can bounce back at full strength.
That was because it was the last event of the day and it was an entire lap around the track. Your not jogging that lap either. I could never rest. I was never finished until the bus was warming up.
But right after we got out of surgery, we walked around Munich. The next day, I was pedaling a stationary bike. By the third day I was jogging and around Day 5, I ran 5 miles.
He is jogging and cycling and swimming
Things are jogging along quite well in Argentina.
She looks awesome. She came in looking like a photo. She's jogging a mile and galloping a mile and a quarter a day.
If SANTA CLAUS came down the chimney in a fking jogging suit, you wouldn't even know it was him.

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